Post 6: Oooh, Shiny!

After my last blog post, I’m sure you all know I’m an avid fan of Target.  So it should come as no surprise when I say that today I was at Target (I know, I know! I’m obsessed!).You all can now imagine me hanging my head in shame .

Today’s Target experience was no different than the last few trips I’ve made. As I amble my way down to the register, trying to ignore the voices of the lonely shorts or dresses left hanging on their respective racks, my eyes spot the magazines. “Buy me, Paige,” they say, “You NEED to learn how to get a firmer tooshie in 12 days.”

“No,” I say with defiance, looking the insanely fit woman on the cover in the eyes, ” I do not need you….. But maybe just this once. Okay, you win.”

Now from this I’m sure you’ve gathered two things: 1. I’m incredibly weak-willed, and 2. I love magazines, especially of the fitness variety. What about magazines pulls me in to buy them with little hesitation? The brightly colored, glossy cover? The fit woman on their covers, showing readers what they’re striving to achieve? The headlines addressing issues most women struggle with?

Yes. We as a society buy magazines because of all of the reasons listed above. The biggest reason magazines sell, in my opinion, is based on the advertising that takes place on the front cover. Taglines that address issues almost everyone can relate to, and a quick way to solve the problem, make customers want to buy that magazine. While the ads between the covers that different companies place inside are good, I believe the advertising that takes place on the front cover is even better.

I would never buy a magazine if there were no taglines on the cover.

Perhaps this is why I don’t usually buy newspapers. Yes, newspapers have headlines that can be attractive, but they don’t offer any resolution to a problem I have. Maybe I’m just more interested in “stay slim” than reading about death and destruction, who knows. What I do know is, when posed with the choice between a magazine and a newspaper, the magazine will always win.

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